Tarun Shetty

I'm based out of L.A. In addition to being featured in hundreds of print ads, I've performed at colleges, corporate gigs, weddings, in the Middle East for our troops, and club venues across the country. I also wrote/produced/acted in Desi OC, Bobby Khan's Ticket to Hollywood, The Adventures of Rinku & Dinesh and Critical Mass (all on YouTube). If you'd like me to perform or host at your event please contact me below:


"Tarun is awesome! He was the perfect Indian comedian, MC/host for our wedding. Hilarious, witty.and very interactive with our guests. I would highly recommend Tarun for hosting any event...especially if its an Indian one! :)" - Dhurin Vahia

“On behalf of the Nestlé Very Best In Youth Foundation Board, thank you, Tarun, for kicking off our comedy night in New Hampshire benefiting the non-profit organization, New Eyes for the Needy.  Your talents helped put a smile on all who attended the event and we appreciate your donating your time to a wonderful cause!” – Cristina Bastida – Executive Director, Nestle USA

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